The Dome Performance Centre...

Home of Middlesex County Badminton!


STEVEN JACOBS, Level 3 Head Coach,
coaching team BEN HUNT,
+ Volunteers


The DOME PC is a Performance Centre set up by Badminton England to bring new talent into the sport and nurture juniors from club to elite levels. This is done through the Player Performance Pathway.


Club Pathway

Raw Squad

Developing Squad

Emerging Squad


Club Pathway: Green Giants

This is the clubs and schools where the younger talent can develop the basic skills needed before moving into the Raw Squad.


Raw Squad:

To build on the skills learnt in the Club Pathway, developing basic movement and racket skills that are nurtured in a friendly but performance focused environment and to instil an understanding of the characteristics of a Performance badminton player.


Developing Squad:

To expand the range of movement and racket skills established in the Raw Squad and engrain learning in challenging activities so players can sustain these skills in less predictable situations. Improve tactical awareness with game-like situations and to further the understanding of their trainability, lifestyle, strategy and tactics.


Emerging Squad:

To refine movement and racket skills and enhance tactical awareness by building strategies in matches and note if the skills learned are being successfully introduced during competition. The players should be given more responsibility for their own development with the support of coaches and their sessions be more individualised.


Any players who would like to join the PC please send an e-mail or pop in on a Tuesday or Thursday, 4-6p.m.


If you are a coach and would like to volunteer, please send the PC manager an e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). All e-mails will aim to be replied to within 48 hours, although during busy times may take longer.


Visit the PC website:


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